Valentines: Are you passionate about your career?

Are you passionate about your career?

It’s the season of love and, with this in mind, we thought we’d enter into the spirit of things and pose the question “how many of us can hand-on-heart say we are truly passionate about our career?”  As HR professionals there is often the consideration of whether our employees are fully engaged in their roles and the organisation, but do you ever stop to ask yourself if you love your own job?  Do you get a sense of satisfaction from the work you do? Do your organisation’s values align with your own?  And ultimately is feeling passionate about where you work and what you do really important to you and your overall professional success and well-being?

We’re sure you’ll have heard the saying “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” but is this attainable, or simply a fairy tale?

The first steps in choosing a career you love must be in understanding what it is you value, what it is you want to get from work mentally, physically and emotionally.  Once you’ve taken the time to understand your own priorities and identified your own talents you can then start to look at available options.

Asking yourself three key questions will often help you to work out if a job will be right for you longer term:

  • Will it have an impact on what is important to me?
  • Am I interested in the topic?
  • Do I want to be involved even when I’m not being paid to be?

Having an impact on what’s important to you can be a real motivator, and having a personal interest in the area you are working in (not just in the technical aspects of your role) can really help you to stay focused and gain satisfaction from the work you do. As to whether you’d want to be involved even when not being paid to be, that’s about passion and I’m sure we’re all too aware that you can’t be in love without there being some passion!

If this Valentine’s Day you find yourself at a crossroads where you’re not sure whether to embark down a specific career path, you’d do well to make it your number one priority to identify what it is that you’re truly passionate about before taking those first steps.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!